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Water Damage

Water Drying & Damage Repair

When water enters your premise, time is your worst enemy. Given the right circumstances, mold will start to grow in a short time. Water removal and drying the premises quickly and professionally is critical to prevent the growth of mold. Our trained staff will immediately evaluate the situation, determine the best and quickest way to remove the water and properly dehumidify the premises. We monitor the relative humidity and moisture content during the dehumidification process in order to efficiently return your property to its pre-loss condition. Our trained staff with their extensive field experience can assist all our clients in resolving any unfortunate events caused from water damage.

Water Damage Restoration Services



Desiccant Dehumidification



Reducing Reconstruction

REDR pioneered structural drying system with which we have saved millions of dollars for our customers each year following water-damage disasters. No longer does a water disaster require old-fashioned ‘rip out and replace’ methods of recovery. We can dry wallboard, insulation, paneling, ceiling tiles, masonry block and concrete, wooden and metal studding,plaster walls and other structural components.

Arresting Post-Disaster Problems

A wide range of moisture related deterioration occurs after a building is water damaged. Wood swells, buckles or begins to rot, sheet rock loses rigidity and strength, electrical wiring corrodes, metal components rust, paint peels, and more. All of these effects can be arrested, and many reversed by the prompt employment of deep drying techniques.

Saving Books, Documents & Files

Water-damaged books, documents, files, microfilm/microfiche, X-rays, blueprints, audio/video media and artwork can be saved or repaired. Often files can be dried in place, allowing access to records during the restoration process.

Large libraries can be taken by REDR to one of our drying centers for careful processing and restoration.

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