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Construction Cleanup

Members of REDR understand the value of maintaining a clean business. Let us help your company keep clean. Whether it’s a carpet and upholstery cleaning job or a complete facility cleanup, our team of specialists will determine the most effective restoration program. Our carpet and upholstery cleaning crew uses industrial steam cleaners and a specially formulated pre-spray for deep removal of stains, dirt, and grime.

Why We Are The Best When It Comes To Building Or Property Maintenance?

The truth is that a superior service company must deliver the highest value at any price, not lowest price at any value.

• Programs that attract and retain the best people.
• Security, your security is our almost goal when we take your contract.
• Continuing education in safety and development.
• Technology that enables us to communicate and provide feedback.
• Quality control and survey programs that re-evaluate and reinforce our effort.


Anabec’s X-70 Plus is a microbial barrier product specifically designed for application to unfinished building surfaces, including wood fibers, brick, block and unfinished drywall, among others. The product uses nano-technology which allows the active ingredients in X-70 Plus to penetrate a materials surface. Application of X-70 Plus, following the cleaning of the surface with Anabec’s Advances Cleaning Solution, results in an extremely durable barrier which resists moisture, mold and mildew growth.

• Useable on unfinished building materials.
• Ready to use concentration.
• 1,000 sq. ft. per gallon coverage.
• Serves as an excellent primer for latex paints.
• Available clear, white or Anabec blue.

When X-70 Plus is applied by a certified Anabec Applicators following interior mold remediation with Advanced Cleaning Solution; Anabec offers an industry leading 30-year written/transferable warranty against the return of mold contamination.

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